We solve everyday problems using advanced machine learning and AI. Our software is so easy to use, you will take its engineering magic for granted.

Kaffeine: Improve your Video Presentations

kaffeine Kaffeine is a fully automatic tool that distills videos into a refined product that is more enjoyable for viewers. When run as a post-editor, it analyzes both the video and speech tracks and makes dozens of micro-edits per second to remove fillers, pauses, background noises etc. It automatically adjusts the speed to create a dynamic viewing experience.

Kaffeine makes corporate presentations, university lectures, near live TV shows and YouTube channels more appealing to audiences while reducing human effort for editing. It can also create time slots to insert ads and other material while preserving useful content.

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Kino: Video Upscaling

kino Kino provides content aware upscaling to enhance legacy videos and images for high-definition mobile displays and 4K televisions. Legacy content from Hollywood movies and sporting events to wedding videos are valuable non-replaceable assets. Content owners from studios to home users will benefit from using machine learning based upscaling to refresh videos for rebroadcast on modern displays.

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