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Kino is an image upscaling service designed to improve your legacy videos and photographs for high-definition mobile screens and 4K televisions.

Legacy photos and videos are a valuable investment that may not be replaceable. To engage online audiences today, these images should display well on modern screens. Kino addresses this need by upscaling your legacy image assets.

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Kino for Images

Kino Image Sample Photograph from the nineties upscaled by 2X. Kino uses context-aware upscaling to fill in the inter-pixel detail naturally and retains crisp boundaries and edges.

Kino for Videos

Short video clip that has been upscaled by 2X. Kino's reconstruction looks across both space and time by using patches across multiple frames to provide the most satisfying reconstruction of moving objects.

What can Kino do for you?

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Kino Technology

Kino uses neural networks, trained on domain-specific datasets, to do high quality reconstructions of your images so you can continue to monetize legacy video and photo assets for decades to come. The traditional way to upscale images is to use an interpolation function to determine the in-between pixels based on the pixels from the original image. However, this approach results in a blurry appearance in detail-rich areas on the image.

Kino uses machine learning to understand the underlying image and then “guesses” the in-between pixels. Kino’s approach uses different functions in different parts of the image and this produces a sharper upscaled image.

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