Kaffeine is a fully automatic tool that polishes videos into a refined product that is more enjoyable for viewers.

Your corporate/professional image and your viewer's time are invaluable. Online audiences skip through videos, play your videos at 1.5-2x speed or go to a competitor if your presentation is unpolished or slow. Kaffeine can automatically polish your videos to improve the viewing experience. It runs in the cloud, so there is nothing to install and you can even go from your phone to Facebook or Youtube directly.

Make your video go from good to great with just one click!

Kaffeine analyzes the video and speech from files you upload and:

Education example

Kaffeine condensed this clip from 1 minute to 36 seconds by making micro-edits and made the lecturer come across as more refined than in the original. Full lectures of 45 minutes shrink to about 30 minutes while being perfectly understandable without students having to resort to playing at 1.5x speed. Unedited original

Celebrity Video Example

Even experienced actors and public speakers need editing when posting videos on the internet. Here is a Kaffeine edited snippet of Emma Watson inviting viewers to a charity event. The original is 1 minute 40 seconds. The edited version is 14 seconds shorter and far more pleasant because we took out a lot of umms. Our software can do this during a live interview! Note: the shaking in the edited video is also present in the original because she recorded it from bed with a laptop. Unedited original

Realtor example

Cell phone video recording by a Realtor for buyers. Kaffeine edited out walking/pausing sections and condensed it by 27% and made the realtor sound more professional. Save a trip to the office for tedious editing and send polished video immediately to clients. Competitive advantage! Unedited original

Is automatic video refining right for you?

Kaffeine works well on people! It is primarily for videos where someone is talking, not for silent movies, music or cats.
Why would you not want to look polished and professional?
We are currently offering trials to users by invitation only.
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How does it work?

Kaffeine's machine learning system was "taught" using a lot of example recordings and mathematical methods to recognize umm, uhh, drawls, pops, clicks and assorted background noises. It is aware of the pace at which the video changes. It even knows when faces are in the scene. It has a good idea of scenes and scene changes. It condenses scenes when appropriate, and corrects issues that viewers might notice. In most videos, Kaffeine improves the viewer experience and achieves a speed-up of up to 1.5x without dropping intended content. It is selective in what it removes, refusing to remove some filler words that would cause visible/audible disturbances. This is just a start. It learns from data, so its abilities will get even better over time.

All of that takes some seriously big computers, so you can't do this at home. You upload your video to the cloud where the magic happens and we send you a link to download the edited copy back. In the paid version, we can directly upload it for you to the final destination.

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Full Length Lecture Example

A full Kaffeine edited episode of a lecture by Prof. Gilbert Strang from MIT OpenCourseWare. The edited version is about 7 minutes shorter than the original (32 minutes vs 40 minutes). The entire course in that series is about 4 hours shorter. The lecture is much more engaging to listen to. Unedited original